Monday, April 10, 2017

Quick Spring Update: Break Out The Shorts And Sandals

While I wait for my daffodils to bloom this year (They're
coming!) here's a spring photo from my St. Albans
Vermont yard from last spring. 
If you have to go to work today, on what promises to be the most gorgeously warm day so far this year in northern New England, at least pack a lunch you can eat al fresco.

You'll want to, as temperatures rise well into the 70s in most valley locations in northern New York and across Vermont and New Hampshire.

There will be at least some sun, too. The National Weather Service is going with a partly sunny forecast for today, which looks reasonable.

A few spot 80 degree readings are possible in central and southern New England today and tomorrow.

A cold front will approach Tuesday, which means some rather mild showers and a few thundershowers are due, especially in the afternoon in New York and the northern half of Vermont.

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, eastern New York and pretty much all of Vermont in a marginal risk zone for severe thunderstorms on Tuesday. 

Before you get too excited, I think there might be a few thunderstorms here and there that could be strong-ish, with brief downpours and gusty winds. But we won't get any kind of widespread calamity with this cold front.

We're still expecting cooler weather during the second half of the week but it won't be bad: Highs mostly in the 50s, about where they ought to be this time of year.

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