Thursday, April 13, 2017

Typical Spring Up Here In Vermont, Temperatures Bounce, Showers Come And Go

More daffodils: This is coming very soon, trust me! 
We've entered a weather pattern that features pretty typical conditions for a New England April. The temperature is yo-yo-in from warm to cool and back again. Showers come, showers go.

All getting us ready for the big greenup coming in the next few weeks.

The wild temperature gyrations of the past couple of days will moderate a bit, but we are still in for an up and down ride.

We managed to squeak out a couple of record highs Monday, like in Montpelier. Burlington  had its first summerlike 80 degree reading of the year Monday, so the forces of spring have finally gotten a good start.

Tuesday was fascinating, with a sharp temperature gradient across the area. At one point Tuesday afternoon, it was 43 degrees in Montreal and 83 in Bennington, Vermont. Quite a contrast!

It won't be that ridiculous for the next few days. It'll be cool-ish today with highs in the upper 40s and 50s - which is right around normal for this time of year.  It'll keep gradually getting sunnier and sunnier as we go through the day.

Friday looks to be a beauty, with sunshine and temperatures well into the 50s, maybe flirting with 60.

But we always need those April showers and the weather gods will deliver. A warm front will make a run at New England Saturday, with a nice package of gusty showers.

We'll get a brief warm blurt on Easter Sunday between the showers as temperatures heat up into the 70s. Might be a spot 80 degree or two that day if enough sun comes out. It all depends upon the time timing of more showers as the warm front departs Sunday morning and a cold front approaches later Sunday.

Then it's back to chilly weather early next week, with high temperatures in the 40s to around 50. That''s a little cool for this time of year but it's nothing out of the ordinary.

We really are getting a break from wht has been an active weather year so far here in Vermont.

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