Monday, April 24, 2017

Follow The Bouncing Temperatures: It's Spring After All

Spring continues to progress nicely, despite
the usual swings in temperatures
Up here in Vermont and the rest of the Northeast, spring always means that temperatures almost always, well, spring from one extreme to the other. 

We saw that over the weekend, and we're seeing that for the rest of the week. Skies are certainly changeable, too. 

This past Saturday and Sunday sure had two personalities, didn't they?

Saturday was damp and chilly, the kind of day you curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate, and maybe a nice purring cat or happy dog.

Sunday was glorious, as temperatures soared into the 60s under sunshine and blue skies. If you didn't get outside Sunday, you missed out.

I do know the daffodils in my yard loved Sunday's weather and went into bloom mode accordingly.

Now we're into the work week. And we're still going to be following the bouncing temperatures.

Today's weather depend upon which part of the state you're in. In northern Vermont, today started pretty cloudy and chilly.

The clouds will gradually melt away this morning, but it won't be nearly as warm as Sunday. Low to mid 50s should do it.

This is all due to a weak cold front that settled south through the region early this morning. In southern Vermont and southern New England, the cold front will have even less oomph, so look for more 60 degree readings down there today.

Tomorrow will have the opposite regime, with temperatures turning cooler the more south and east you go, with somewhat warmer temperatures north and west.

A coastal storm is gathering over the southeastern United States. It's being boosted by this weird storminess that by my reading actually has some tropical characteristics. It was off the Florida coast this morning, and will combine with the coastal storm somewhere near North Carolina tonight.

As an aside, it's awfully early to keep getting these tropical storm wannabes this early in the season. We had Tropical Storm Arlene in the North Atlantic last week, and now this.

I sincerely doubt today's system will turn into a tropical storm, but it is weird.

In any event, this storm will dump quite a lot of rain in the mid-Atlantic states today. Flood watches and warnings are already up for the Carolinas and parts of Virginia.

There has already been quite of flooding in downtown Charleston, South Carolina this morning. Flooding has also been reported in eastern Tennessee.

Up here in New England, the storm will create a raw east wind. Water temperatures are normally the lowest of the season off the Northeast coast, so east winds this time of year create chilly weather, fog, drizzle and rain. Especially the closer to the coast you get.

Most of the eastern half of New England will stay in the 40s Tuesday. That includes the southeastern half of Vermont.

Northwestern Vermont will be further away from the coast, so it will be a bit milder -- 50s should do it.

It will probably rain region wide Tuesday, but the steadiest rain will be toward the southeast. Rain to the northwest will be lighter and more showery.

Next, we follow the bouncing temperatures again, this time upward. The coastal storm will depart, and we'll get an air flow from the southwest starting Wednesday and continuing Thursday.

By Thursday afternoon, temperatures will get well into the 70s. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a few spots near 80 degrees.

Friday, a cold front comes in, so temperatures will start to dip toward the weekend, but it won't get all that cold.

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