Saturday, June 11, 2016

Update: Vermont Severe Threat Low, But Nasty Weekend Anyway

The risk of any severe weather, in yellow and
dark green, will largely stay south of Vermont.
Big chill returns Sunday, though.  
It might have been a little alarming to see some severe thunderstorm warnings in central New York this morning.

After all, doesn't most of Vermont's weather come from the west and don't thunderstorms usually intensify during the afternoon and evening?

Well, yes, but this time, Vermont is largely safe. The storms are heading to the southeast and will miss Vermont. There might be rumbles of thunder for the rest of the morning, but nothing severe.

This afternoon, we'll get a break in the rain that' came down in the morning, but the weather will remain kind of cloudy and cool-ish.

We're still expecting a powerhouse cold front to come in early Sunday morning, but the timing of it means we won't have severe weather when it comes through, despite the unusually dynamic atmosphere over the Northeast and eastern Canada.

The cold front will bring in some gusty showers early Sunday, and then that second blast of cold air will come in.

It still looks nasty Sunday, with clouds, very chilly air for June and frequent showers.

Highs will barely hold in the 50s, which is 20 degrees below normal. Winds will gust to 30 mph. The rain will not come down particularly hard, but the showers will be frequent, especially in the mountains.

Not nice.

I also think it's going to snow atop Mount Washington again. Boy, they're having a snowy June, huh?

I'm still expecting the weather to slowly improve during the upcoming week. We'll just have to get through the weekend.

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