Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Summer, Northern New England

A double rainbow over St. Albans, Vermont Monday
evening was as good a signal as any that the
weahter would - finally - dramaticlaly
improve during this week. 
It's been a rough 10 days or so for summer weather lovers in northern New England.

You all know how chilly, cloudy, damp and awful it has been.  

Last night, for example, the top of Mount Washington got another 1.4 inches of snow, bringing the total for this month to 6.9 inches. It's the third snowiest June on record atop New England's highest peak.

Down in the valleys, warm weather crops are pretty stalled and it's next to impossible to get the hay in. Not when it's drizzly with temperatures in the 50s.

The good news is, we're in the next weather pattern change, and summer is returning.

Today is a bit of a transition day. There will still be some clouds around, mixed with the sunshine. Though it will be definitely warmer in Vermont and surrounding areas than in recent days, it's still a bit cooler than normal.

It'll keep warming up day by day through the weekend under generally sunny June skies. By Friday, many areas will be up around 80, and in the 80s Saturday and Sunday.

Bonus: The humidity will stay pretty low through Saturday at least. It might begin to creep upward Sunday and especially Monday.

The only real complication to this sunny forecast is the possibility of some type of upper level storminess off the East Coast, which could throw clouds, cool air and dampness into parts of New England. The more south and east you go this weekend, the greater the chance of getting that cloudy, cool air.

Otherwise, break out the sun screen, put that winter fleece away and enjoy northern New England's green, comfortably warm landscape.

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