Friday, June 10, 2016

Wild-ish Weather Saturday, THen "Junuary" Set To Make Return Visit To New England Sunday

A snowy, stormy scene atop Mount Washington
Thursday. It'll probably snow up there again
on Sunday as "Junuary" continues.  
I'm sweltering in a heat advisory during my  visit to South Dakota late this week as temperatures here flirt with 100 degrees, but it's sure not like that in New England.

That's quite a contrast to New England, which shivered through a very chilly June day Thursday. And that nasty weather will be coming back by Sunday.

I saw the New England weather Thursday referred to as "Junuary" and that seems pretty accurate.

There was quite a bit of snow and ice atop Mount Washington amid temperatures in the mid 20s and wind gusts to 100 mph.

In lower elevations a few places in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, northern New Hampshire and Maine, and New York's Adirondacks never out of the 40s Thursday.

Temperatures are moderating today and Saturday, at least somewhat, but "Junuary" is set for a return Sunday.

Before the renewed cold hits, some severe thunderstorms are likely, but most of those will hit from New York and southwestern New England and on toward the Great Lakes all the way to Illinois.   In those areas, there's a chance of very big hail, damaging winds, or even a tornado or two.

Some strong storms might hit northern New England later Saturday or Saturday night, but the chances of that are relatively low.

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has just a marginal risk of severe storms in most of New England, but a somewhat higher chance further south and west Saturday and Saturday night.

The reason for the risk of any severe weather is because the disturbance that will cause a return to Junuary is very potent. It's diving down from northern Quebec and will set up what will basically be a fairly strong, slow moving nor'easter somewhere near Nova Scotia on Sunday.

It's going to be a really raw day Sunday with showers and rain, gusty north winds, and low temperatures. A lot of places won't get out of the 50s Sunday, at a time of year when temperatures should be in the 70s in mid-June.

It'll probably snow atop Mount Washington again, and maybe some of other higher mountain tops of northern New England.

That Nova Scotia nor'easter will only grudgingly totter away toward the northeast and putting more distance between it and New England during next week. That means the weather will very slowly improve during the week.

By the end of the week, it will be back to June, with normal daytime temperatures well up into the 70s.

So hang in there.

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