Thursday, June 2, 2016

Texas Keeps Getting Slammed By Floods. Europe, Too

The results of extreme flooding in Germany this week.  
Flash flood warnings and watches are up for big swaths of Texas again today as another round of incredible rains drowns the.

This has happened repeatedly for at least a year now. Flooding is common in Texas, but the repeated bouts of record high river flooding is not nearly so common.

This time it was the Brazos River that reached record crests.

At least six people have died in the flooding, including Darren Mitchell, 21, whose scary photo I ran in the last update on the Texas flooding.

He took the photo as his truck was sinking beneath the water and posted it to Facebook on May 26 with the message, "All I wanted to do was go home."

Mitchell had been missing for several days, until his body was found this week downstream from  his overturned truck.

The most recent flooding over recent weeks has hit almost all corners of Texas, from Lubbock to Houston.  Texas officials declared states of disaster in 31 counties across the Lone Star State.

If anything, it's even worse in Europe, because of an upper level low stuck in Austria. That has caused repeated rounds of strong thunderstorms which in turned touched off severe flooding in parts of Germany, France, Belgium and adjacent areas.

Here's a jeep being swept away Tuesday northeast of Austin, Texas. It doesn't look like anyone was in it, thank goodness:

This video shows the extreme flooding in Germany

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