Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reversal Of Fortunes In May For A Formerly Chilly Vermont Spring

Despite a cool April and beginning of May,
flowers reliably bloomed in my St. Albans,
Vermont garden. The heat blasted in during
the second half of May  
Spring seemed reluctant this year after a record warm winter in Vermont, and May seemed to be following this pattern.

By the middle of May this year, it had snowed twice during the month and temperatures were running  a good two degrees below normal.

Certainly a switch from May, 2015, which was the hottest on record in Vermont.

The coolest day of the month in Burlington got down to 33 degrees on the 10th, which means the last freeze of the season there (April 29) was a little earlier than average.

However, much of Vermont had a number of frosty mornings during the first half of May.

But, as things often do around here, thinks reversed course dramatically.

The end of the month was very warm, making May 2016 more than three degrees warmer than average at Burlington.

Each of the last nine days of the month got up to 80 or above, which is a very remarkable stretch for May. Two of those days were in the 90s.

Summer is here, I guess. At least maybe. More on that in a moment.

Worryingly, though, May continued a dry trend that's really been going on since last fall in Vermont. Sure, we've had our wet periods. February was rainy, for example. But it's getting drier and drier.

Precipitation in May was an inch below normal. There was some welcome rain at the end of the month, though that came in the form of severe thunderstorms in the far northwest corner of the state. 

June is getting off to a warmish and definitely dry start, too, but there are signs that starting this weekend, we'll temporarily get into a cool, wetter pattern, at least off and on, through the middle of June

We'll see about that.

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