Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Temperature Extremes: 100 In Plains, Still Expecting Snow New England

The Weather Channel is forecasting these hot temperatures
in the Plains over the next few days.  
This week, I'm at my temporary weather center in Yankton, South Dakota, having a nice visit with relatives.

Another bonus of this visit: I'm missing the chill and mountaintop snow in my native Vermont that's expected over the next couple of days.

The drawback: I might be experiencing torrid 100 degree temperatures here in South Dakota later this week.  

We've gotten into one of those stuck weather patterns that features extreme warmth in one part of the country, with deep chill in others.

A heat ridge that caused record high temperatures in recent days over the western United States is moving into the central Plains. A broad area of the central U.S. will be between 95 and 100 degrees Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

More record highs will fall.

Anyone in New England hoping for a taste of this summer weather is out of luck. When there's a big bump northward in the jet stream, like there is in the Plains to cause the heat, there's usuially a dip further east.

And so it is now. The ridge in the Plains is bigger than normal, which makes the dip in the east bigger than  normal too. That explains the extremes. Heat in South Dakota, snow in northern New England.

Usually, by June northward bulges and southward dips in the jet stream aren't this wild, but I guess this year, that's what we're getting.

The weather patterns are gummed up, too, so it won't change much through next week.

It will become less extreme next week, which is nice. Hot, but not 100 next week in the Plains. Cooler than normal, but no mountain snow next week in New England.

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