Thursday, June 30, 2016

Second Day Of Awesome, Photogenic Storm Clouds Over Vermont

Storm clouds over farmland near Starksboro,
Vermont Wedensday afternoon 
Fresh off a Tuesday in Vermont that featured thunderstorms to frighten anyone wary of lightning, wind and flash flooding, another round of storms swept into New England Wednesday.

Like those on Tuesday, some of the storms prompted severe storm warnings, dumped hail, discharged  dangerous cloud to ground lightning and hightened local worries about flash floods.

Also, like Tuesday's storms, Wednesday's round of loud weather was quite photogenic.

The photos in this post are mine. Click on them to make them bigger and easier to see.

One of the stronger storms blew through Addison County, Vermont, especially around the town of Starksboro, dumping hail up to the size of quarters and as you can see in the photos, created some awesome clouds.
Turbulent skies over Hinesburg,
Vermont Wednesday. 

Later in the day, back home in St. Albans in the northwestern corner of Vermont, I used a long lens to capture a cluster of pretty intense looking storms far to my northeast.

There was no haze, so the view of them was crystal clear. They seemed closer than they were because of this.

When I checked the radar at the time, the storms were about 60 miles east, northeast of Montreal, or about 75 miles northwest of where I was standing.

After a sunny, pleasant day today, another strong cold front is going to move into New England Friday.  

I don't think there will be much in the way of severe thunderstorms, but there is a chance of such. NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has much of New York State and the western edges of Vermont and Massachusetts in a marginal risk zone for severe storms.

But cloud cover in place before the thunderstorms get going Friday will probably limit the severe weather chances.

Still, there will be pockets of heavy rain with this, and the few places that really got drenched Tuesday and Wednesday could get some local flash flood issues if a particularly heavy rainer gets them again Friday afternoon or evening.
I used a long lens to capture this cluster of
storms visibile from St. Albans, Vermont
far to the north in Quebec 

This is especially true in the northern Adirondacks, the Northeast Kingdome of Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northwestern Maine, but even in these places the flood risk in any particular location is low.  

Friday's setup also doesn't bode well for particularly photogenic storms like Tuesday's and Wednesday's, but I can always hope, right?

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