Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scary Video Shows What Happens When California Rain Comes Down Too Hard

The view through a car windshield as a big debris
flow approaches during heavy rain last
week in California. The motorist slammed
it into reverse and got out of there. Good move. 
Last week, southern California got some much needed rain.

As often the case, the rain came down too fast and too hard in some cases, leading to debris flows, mudslides and flash floods.  

The frightening video at the bottom of this post shows how fast a California debris flow can come on when it rains too hard.  Spoiler: The motorist got out of there just fine.

More is coming. Quite a lot of rain is possible in central and northern California over the next week. It won't rain quite so hard in southern California, at least for now.

With the possibility of heavy rain in mind, though, I'm sure people will be bracing for more damage from floods and mudslides.

Here's that video:

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