Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Update: A Couple Videos Of California Flooding

NBC7 in San Diego posted this photo on its Twitter feed
showing flooding yesterday around San Diego. 
As I noted yesterday, heavy rains arrived in California, which is good news to help ease the big drought, but sometimes the rain comes too fast and too torrentially.

There's already some flooding going on, and more is expected today.

In fact, things could get worse. A second in a series of storms will bring showers and thunderstorms rather than a steady rain. The bursts of heavy rain could cause debris flow and mudslides, especially in areas that were burned over by wildfires last year.

One to four inches of rain could come down over many areas in central and southern California.

Here's a news report from ABC 10 regarding flooding in the Ocean Beach section of San Diego:

People are already stalling their cars in the California flooding, too:

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