Thursday, January 14, 2016

This Guy's Car Is Going To Be Frozen In For Awhile (Or Maybe Not)

Here's why you should not park your car
next to a windy wave-tossed lake on a frigid night. 
An image that has gone totally viral demonstrates why you shouldn't park next to an unfrozen lake on a gusty, frigid evening.

The guy, Justin Yelen, 24,  parked next to Lake Erie while he and a few friends went into a nearby restaurant for drinks.

At the end of the night,  Yelen wisely decided he might have had a little too much to drink so friends gave him a ride home, and he'd retrieve the car the next day.

Good luck with that.

While wise not to drive that night, Yelen was unwise to park next to Lake Erie. Big waves broke over a nearby seawall and water repeatedly splashed onto the car and froze.

He now had an ice cube instead of a car.

It's unclear whether the car is damaged, (I bet if it is, it's not that bad) but he had to figure out how to get in.

Here's what I did when I was confronted with an iced-in vehicle that was admittably not nearly as bad as this situation.

My truck was parked in my driveway in December, 2013, while I was away visiting relatives in South Dakota.
Sort of an ice sculpture left behind after the frozen car
near Lake Erie was towed away.

While I was gone, nearly three inches of sleet and freezing rain accumulated on the truck and froze totally solidly amid temperatures that fell to near zero.

There were no thaws in the forecast, so I waited until just before noon on a sunny day, so at least I had that heat. I was able to get into the truck, and put on the heat and defrost full blast.

I was carefully not to chop or hack at the ice, because that would have damaged the paint, and possibly the windows and windshield.

The heat generated inside loosened the ice, and I was able to take the ice off chunk by chunk. Yes, a tremendous waste of gas, but it worked.

Apparently Yelen went for the big guns. Latest reports are a tow truck came and yanked the car out of the ice. Presumably, it will be towed to a heated garage, where the ice can melt.

Here's a report from television station WKBW about Yelen's situation:

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