Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Blizzard That Hit U.S. Turned Into A Destructive Storm In Britain

The storm that brought last weekend's blizzard to the
United States traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and
pounded Great Britain on Tuesday. 
After the nor'easter that brought the huge blizzard to much of the United States East Coast last weekend, it traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.

It made a beeline for Great Britain, where it brought more destructive winds and flooding to a region that has seen way too much of it this year.

According to the BBC, the former blizzard did not bring snow to Great Britain, but did bring winds of up to 100 mph that knocked over trucks in Scotland, flooded the Cumbria region, which has already been hit by a few destructive floods this winter.

This latest storm flooded the Glenridding Inn in Cumbria for the fourth time this winter.  A series of storms have smashed their way through the British Isles since at least early December, causing record flooding in places and massive destruction from water and high winds.

During the lateet storm, in Edinburgh, Scotland, a man was injured when the storm broke a chimney and sent it smashing through a bus window.

Students and teachers had to be evacuated via boat Tuesday because flood waters isolated the school they were in.

Widespread power failures were also reported.

Storminess including high winds and flooding, is expected to continue in Britain today.

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