Sunday, January 3, 2016

Video, Images of Storm Frank Trashing The UK

A vicious storm and flood trashed Kilkenny,
Ireland last week 
Last week, I talked about the other day which helped bring an exceedingly rare December thaw to the North Pole also battered Great Britain.

At least three people died in the latest storm, which brought renewed flooding to Ireland, Scotland and parts of Great Britain.

The storm contributed to what in many areas of Great Britain was the wettest December on record. Some of the same areas also had their warmest December on record.

In Ballatar, Scotland, huge floods carried away several mobile homes.

As usual when there is a big storm, lots of people took videos.

Here's some:

First, here's a mobile home being carried away by floodwaters in Ballatar, Scotland.

The historic Tadcaster Bridge, in North Yorkshire, built in 1700 collapses under the onslaught of the storm's flooding:

Here's some views of the flooding in Kilkenny, Ireland:

Here's what the storm looked like in Porthcawl, Wales:

Here's how things looked during the storm in Iceland:

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