Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another Spectacular Time Lapse Video by Nicholas Wegner

Nicholaus Wegner has released a new timelapse video of
storms, and the video is absolutely gorgeous. 
A little over a year ago, I highlighted a spectacular time lapse video of severe HIgh Plains storms by photographer Nicholaus Wegner. 

It was called Stormscapes 2, a followup to a previous, similarly named video. The photography and the awesomeness of the storms is worth viewing again and again.

Now Wegner is back with Stormscapes 3, a time l lapse compilation of the storms he chased during 2015.

He's really outdone himself with this one.  It is a gorgeous video any weather geek, and anybody else for that matter will want to watch over and over, just to experience Wegner and nature's art.

His forte are supercell thunderstorms, and other extreme spring and summer storms on the High Plains of Wyoming, Colorado and other spots in the region.

Wegner captures the fascinating and sometimes abrupt these dangerous storms undergo as they loom over the remote prairies, hills and farmsteads in the West.

On Stormcapes3, my favorite part is the energizing ending with the all the lightning. Wegner advices against watching that segment of the video if you're sensitive to strobe lights and rapid-fire flashes.

The best way to watch the video, below, is to use full screen and have on some high quality headphones, as the music is wonderfully synchronized to the video.

Hat tip to Slate for alerting us to this new video.

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