Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Russia's Far East Even More Buried In Snow Than Washington DC Will Be

People struggle through deep snow in Primorsky, Russia,
near Vladivostok, whch has had record snowfall
this week. Photo by Alexander Khitrov/Prime Media
As the Mid-Atlantic states and central Appalachians prepare for what is forecast to beome maybe one of the biggest snowstorms in memory, Russia's Far East is digging out from its own epic snowstorm.

Siberian Times reports some areas had as much snow in two days as what usually falls over the course of three months.  

Vladivostok, the major population center in the region, had two months worth of snow in two days, the Siberian Times says.

The region around Vladivostok, on the northwestern shore of Pacific Ocean, is used to tough winters. Prevailing winter winds from Siberia ensure lots of cold weather, and the proximity to the elatively warm ocean help make winter storms routine there.

Kinda like New England, except worse.

Go back to the link to the Siberian Times for lots of pictures of the Vladivostok region buried in snow.

Here is a video of somebody enjoying the deep Vladivostok snow, sort of, I guess.

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