Friday, January 15, 2016

That Downslope Storm in Vermont Sunday In Video

Some guys clear a tree that had fallen onto a road
in Cambridge, Vermont during a wind storm last Sunday. 
I took a few video clips of that downslope wind storm last Sunday along the western slopes of Vermont's Green Mountains.

As is usually the case with this type of storm, the high winds were very localized.

On the way to the storm, I drove through Cambridge village, where the winds were light. But I could hear the wind in the distance roaring on the mountain slope

Sure enough, two miles down the road, once I got near the Underhill town line, things were howling.

This wasn't the worst downslope wind storm I've ever seen in Vermont. Winds probably gusted to just over 60 mph when I was there. The highest wind gusts I saw reported were 62 mph.

Previous downslope wind events, like in December, 2012, brought gusts of over 90 mph in a few places.

Still, such winds are pretty impressive. Especially when combined with rain, then sun, and rainbows!

Heres' the brief rough video I took from the little clips and snippets I recorded in the storm:

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