Monday, July 14, 2014

More Big Hailers In The Year Of The Hailstorm. Wild Videos!

More videos continue to come in from all over the world of incredible, dramatic hailstorms. Such an icy spring and summer:

Here's a beach scene in Siberia. It was awfully hot for Siberia recently, drawing a big crowd to the sand and water. Then this happened, as you can see in this video which has gone totally viral:  (Ouch!)

Next, we go to Cheyenne, Wyoming, just after a HUGE hail storm that made the city look like early spring: White ground looking snow covered, with lots of street flooding from rain and melting "snow." Of course, it's an incredible amount of hail. Watch:


In one Spanish town on July 3, there was so much hail they had to call out the snowplows and find some snow shovels to deal with inches or even feet of hail that piled up:

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