Friday, July 4, 2014

Arthur, Storms, Flood. Wild Weather Week, Day 3

Hurricane Arthur made landfall last night  at around 11:15 p.m near Shackleford Banks between Cape Lookout and Beauford, North Carolina with sustained winds of 100 mph or so.
A severe thunderstorm invades
New York City on Thursday.  n

It was the first Catagory 2 landfalling hurricane in the Uniteds States in years, and certainly one of the earliest.

I do know there was a lot of storm surge flooding and wind damage in eastern North Carolina from this, but I don't have a lot of details yet as dawn breaks. But it's a mess down there.

Arthur is moving away from North Carolina but it's still going to cause trouble.

That slow moving cold front we've been talking about in the Northeast again raised all kinds of havoc across the Northeast yesterday.

Severe thunderstorms and lots of wind and hail damage were reported in every state in New England, and from every East Coast state from Maine to Florida for that matter.

New Hampshire and southern New York seemed to take the brunt of it. So did southern Vermont. One of the strongest cells came out of the southern Adirondacks, through central Vermont, and formed a bow echo with lots of damage in central New Hampshire.

My sister Lynn said as the storm came through the Rutland, Vermont area, intense hail shredded her gardens. Some hail in Rutland County was at least as big as golf balls. She also said her home in West Rutland had about 1.75 inches of rain in less than half an hour.

Severe thunderstorms with wind won't be as much of a problem today, but flooding will. Some areas in New York and New England had some flash flooding yesterday. Everybody got rain, so the ground is pretty wet.

That cold front is still hung up in the Northeast, waiting for Arthur to go by. The southeastern half of New England looks like it's under the gun for heavy rain from that front, and moisture from Arthur, so look for some possible flooding today.

The New York City area down into New Jersey and toward Washington DC might get some flooding rains as well.

Interior areas of the Northeast, like all but southeastern Vermont, inland New York and Pennsylvania should only get lighter showers today.

Arthur will sideswipe Cape Cod and the islands tonight with heavy rain and strong winds. Tropical storm warnings are up for those areas.

Finally, we get out of this mess tomorrow, Arthur and the cold front go out to sea, and the rest of the weekend looks nice.

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