Thursday, July 10, 2014

Break In The Severe Weather, But More Next Week?

More severe weather managed to break out in the Northeast yesterday, part of a year that has brought repeated rounds of destructive weather to the Midwest and eastern United States.  
Destruction from Monday's tornado east of
Syracuse, N.Y. that killed four people.  

It's just that kind of year, I guess.

The good news is we're getting a break from the rough weather over the next few days. The bad news is the severe weather might return early next week.

An odd, springlike weather pattern will develop over the next few days.

That means there's more of a wiggles, big dips and big ridges in the jet stream than usual. And of course the jet stream largely controls where weather systems go.

It'll get pretty darn cold for this time of year in the Great Lakes area for this time of year. Highs will only reach the 50s in northern Minnesota around Monday. And that cold air will bump up against some warm and humid air that will have built along the East Coast.

It is not a certainty yet, but that set up could spawn more strong and severe storms in the Northeast Monday and Tuesday. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Yesterday, most of the storm reports came from southwestern New England and eastern New York down the coast into the Carolinas. Luckily, it wasn't nearly as bad as the day before, when strong storms and tornadoes killed at least five people.

That storm in New York near Syracuse that killed four people turned out to be an EF2 tornado.

Even in places that got no severe weather yesterday, rather nice weather was interrupted by storms.

I shot the brief video, below, in Richmond, Vermont. Five minutes before I took this video, it was sunny, and I was weeding a garden on this property. Five minutes after I shot this video, the sun was starting to come out again, go figure.


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