Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weather Images: Fires, Storms And An Autumn-Like Satellite Photo

The Northwestern United States is still burning, as is western Canada.

There's big storms and flash flooding around Texas, and that cool air is hanging on, for now in the Midwest.

Which leads us to today's random images. (Click on each one to get a bigger, better view)

The first shows a apocalyptic scene in British Columbia in a view of a forest fire in that neck of the woods. Forecasts call for more hot, dry weather, in British Columbia, so no relief seems to be on the way.

A little rain might come down more to the north, so that might help. Meanwhile, the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is choked in smoke, and there have been evacuations in British Columbia.

Elsewhere in Canada, storms are a problem. The second image, from @PrairieChasers on Twitter, shows a supercell storm in Alberta yesterday.

Today, supercells, severe weather and tornadoes are forecast in southeastern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile, the American Midwest has been engulfed in cool, autumnal weather this week. This satellite photo shows how the warm July sun stirs up lots of little cumulus clouds as the sun warms the land, creates little updrafts, which condense into clouds as the updrafts rise into the cold air.

Near lakes, the sun doesn't warm the water so much, so you can see how clear it is, with no clouds over and near lakes.

It's going to warm up dramatically in the Midwest over the next few days, as summer comes back for a return engagement.

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