Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some Totally Awesome Random Weather Images From The Past Week

A big storm in Texas producing a big gust of wind
I love wandering through social media to see what kind of weather images, weather video, or as I call it, weather porn I come across.

I found some good ones. The first image, from @NewsChannel10 in this post is a downburst near Amarillo, Texas.

You can see the big blast of rain slamming down on the right, and that curl of dust blowing out to the left. That shows a huge gust of wind coming from that downburst of rain.

They make those storms wild in Texas, don't they?

Lava, ocean and water spouts in Hawaii in this image
from Bruce Omari.  n
The next photo was taken by Bruce Omari. It shows lava in Hawaii flowing into the ocean.

The turbulance caused by the clash of hot lava, cooler water and everything else caused all those waterspouts to spin up beneath the steam and ash cloud. Absolutely amazing.

The third photo, from @JustMePat is a web cam grab at dawn looking out onto Lake Erie from Toledo, Ohio.

You can see a waterspout out there, partly lit up by the rising sun. Awesome!!
Dawn waterspout, Lake Erie

Finally, from June 9, scroll down for a video of massive hail on June 9 in North Platte, Neb.

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