Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Derecho Scared Bejeezus Out of Chicago White Sox Fans, And A Team in Iowa

The tarp blows away in the face of severe thunderstorm
winds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Monday. 3 were injured.  
Last night's matchup between the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels was postponed due to that destruction derecho that swept across the Midwest yesterday and last night.

And in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, they waited a little too long to put a tarp out on the field ahead of the approaching storm, and chaos ensued.

Unfortunately, at least three people were hurt, but are expected to recover

In Chicago, before the White Sox game was called, people were waiting the storm out, but then this happened:

The scene in Cedar Rapids was worse, as the crew for the Kernels team had the tarp taken away from
tthem by winds of up to 70 mph. One person had the tarp roll right over him.

Lesson here: When there's a severe storm warning, it's better to take precautions well in advance of the storm actually arriving.

Here's the video:

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