Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wild Conspiracy Theory Of Week: El Nino Predictions To Screw India Economy?

A lot of climate forecasters are saying that a strong El Nino might be brewing in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  
No, predictions of an impending El Nino are
not an effort to screw over India, despitew
what the head of that country's meteorological office says.  

An El Nino is an area of warm water that develops off of South America, and can have worldwide effects on the weather and climate.

It can boost global temperatures and cause severe storms on some areas of the planet, along with drought in places like Indonesia, Australia and India.

The forecast of an El Nino is still uncertain, but more and more signs are developing that this could be a strong one, like the El Nino of 1998 that caused all kinds of weather disasters around the world.

Some people in India aren't buying this El Nino prediction. The India Meterological Department, says the prediction is bogus and is a plot by rich investors to get richer at the expense of India, according to the Economic Times. 

"'It is in the U.S. and Australian interests that agri commodities and stock market in India come down. They are spreading rumors. People will start hoarding and might start creating artificial scarcity of commodities. Don't heed their advice,'  said Laxman Singh Rathore, director general, IMD" 

Of course, that conspiracy theory is ridiculous, since many of the meteorlogists and climatologists making the El Nino predictions work for private firms and don't have a stake in international commodity prices.

And I don't think these scientists are conspiring among themselves to get bought off by commodities traders. Jeesh!

So we'll see if the El Nino starts later this year and whether that would cause agricultural problems in India.

And yes, not all commodities traders are wonderful people, but let's face it. Not every climate and weather event is a conspiracy.

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