Monday, April 7, 2014

Huge Flooding In Deep South

The weather news today concerns some severe flooding in the Deep South where three to as much as eight inches of rain fell yesterday and overnight.
Water rescues in Alabama, via @bailes32
on Twitter  

Dangerous flooding was occuring this morning near Birmingham, Alabama and other cities in the South with many water rescues.    

A nine year old girl is believed drowned in the flooding in Mississippi

There were some overnight tornadoes as well, adding to the danger in that part of the country.  Several homes in Mississippi were damaged or destroyed by the suspected twisters.

More tornado warnings popped up this afternoon in Georgia amid flood alerts there.

The storm is expected to sweep northward toward the eastern Great Lakes,  but only minor flooding is expected in New England, where rainfall will range from less than an inch across much of Vermont to more than 1.5 inches near the coast.

In northern New England, some ice jams might form along some still-frozen waterways, so watch out for that.  
On Twitter, @RyanMooreMS captured this
tornado damge in Mississippi.  

But the storm will become a quick mover once it really gets going to the north. Because of that, it won't rain for too long a period in the Northeast, meaning there won't be inches and inches of rain like in the South. Plus, there will be few if any thunderstorms in the Northeast to produce downpours.

Warm air riding north ahead of the storm brought temperatures in Burlington, Vermont to 60 degrees Monday afternoon, the first time it's been that warm since November 18,  2013.

Maybe spring is coming after all.

Again, from Twitter, @Jay_Reeve photographed
Alabama flooding  

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