Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Wild Photos Of The Nation's Week Of Extreme Weather

You name it. Tornadoes. Fires. Floods. Hail. Dust. Sandstorms. Snow.
From @basehunter via Twitter. A scary, spinning supercell
thunderstorm that was producing an EF-4 tornado in
Louisville, Miss. on Monday. Add caption

The nation has been clobbered by extreme weather this week, and photos and videos of the chaos are continuing to surface.

This post contains a few more of the disaster movie type scenes we've seen this week.

This post contains a few more examples of disaster movie type scenes we're seeing this week.

A collapsed garage in the Florida panhandle after
epic flooding early Wednesday.

From @bearlysoberrr on Twitter, flooding inside Pensacola
State College on Wedneday. 

The opposite extreme: The aftermath of high winds
and a dust storm in Kansas this week, via @kkqtopeka on Twitter.

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