Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Beautiful Photos Of Giant Plains Thunderstorms

The opening salvo of a week's worth of severe weather broke out last night in the High Plains of West Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
Michael Charnick,  @charnick_wx on Twitter
posted this shot of a thunderstorm in Kansas.  

This was really a good batch of severe storms, in that there were no reported tornadoes. (Although some of the supercells attempted, but failed to produce tornadoes)

Cory Mottice shot this supercell in
southwestern Kansas
There were reports of damage from high winds and hail, luckily, most of the strongest storms hit lightly populated areas.

The usual horde of storm chasers were out with their cameras and video recorders, and this post has some of what they came back with.

These storms can be deadly, but there's no arguing that they're absolutely beautiful and dramatic.

Underneath these storms, things weren't as beautiful, but certainly at least as dramatic. Here's StormChasingVideo's view of a hail-choked supercell in Harmon County, Oklahoma:

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