Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lake Champlain Shores Could Get Interesting With Ice Breakup, Gusty Winds

In the Champlain Valley on Thursday, southerly winds are expected to gust over 40 mph amid temperatures that by afternoon are likely to flirt with 60 degrees.
Damage along a Canadian lake last spring
when strong winds drove a wall of thawing
ice onshore and into shoreline cabins.  

Much of the lake is still frozen, but the ice is breaking up. Which could make things on south facing shores of Lake Champlain interesting on Thursday.

The wind could push some of the ice on shore, driving heavy blocks of ice onto embankments, lawns, even roads and property.

Those waves of wind driven ice chunks could be enough to cause some property damage, if the wind indeed drives some of the ice onshore.  It could be dramatic as in spots.

I don't think it will be too destructive, certainly not as bad as in the videos, below. This was last spring when 40 mph wind gusts drove ice onshore damaging homes. Pretty scary and awesome:

The same thing happened last spring on a Canadian lake, with even more damage:

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