Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meanwhile, In Chile, A Terrible Wildfire Kills At Least Four

We in the Northeast United States should count our blessings that we've been dealing with flooding, snow and cold.
Valparaiso, Chile burns, as you can see
in this Reuters photo. 

The Chilean coastal city of Valparaiso is mourning the dead and tallying the damage after a massive wildfire swept the city in recent days.

The fire killed 15 people and destroyed about 3,000 homes. 

Dry conditions and strong winds blowing off the hills toward the Pacific Ocean prevented firefighters from gaining control of the blaze.

A lot of destroyed homes were on steep hills with very narrow streets, making firefighting and evacuations all the more difficult.

Thick smoke has caused many people to suffer smoke inhalation, says the BBC.

So we've got another big weather related disaster in a string of calamities that have hit different parts of the globe so far this year.

Here's some videos of the disaster:

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