Monday, April 21, 2014

Storm Chasers Capture Storms With Scariest Clouds Ever in N. Texas

Supercell thunderstorms erupted in the Texas panhandle and southwestern Oklahoma on Easter Sunday, something that happens a lot this time of year.
Ben Holcomb, whose Twitter handle is @wx8ben captured
these amazing supercell storm cloud formations. 

The worst of the storms were focused near and east of Childress, Texas.

 A small tornado in open country caused little if any damage in southwestern Oklahoma. Baseball sized hail in Childress DID cause damage, as you might imagine.

Up to four inches of rain with some of the storms also caused some local flash flooding.

The storms were noteworthy for their impressive, wild and scary looking clouds, as you can see from the photos and video in this post, gleaned from Twitter and YouTube.
Juston Drake, on Twitter as @JustonStrmRider, also
captured some incredible clouds.  

StormChasingVideo got some great shots in their video that went up on YouTube overnight.

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