Friday, April 11, 2014

Flood Potential Vermont, Surrounding Areas Early Next Week

Well, spring has sprung, at least for now in Vermont and surrounding areas.
A flooded, debris strewn park in Milton, Vermont
during spring flooding in April, 2011. Similar
scenes are possible in Vermont early next week.  

The temperature reached the low 60s Thursday in Vermont, and readings will continue fairly mild today, and get warmer through the weekend.

A lot of the snow in the valleys has melted and streams are running briskly.

So far, cool nights have regulated the snowmelt, so there's only been very minor flooding so far.

That might be about to change. On Monday, a squirt of very warm air is forecast to come into New England, sending temperatures soaring well into the 70s, possibly even near 80.

While winter weary people will love that, those readings will make mountain snows melt fast, so river waters will rise.

After that, it's beginning to look like a very wet cold front will slow down to a crawl or stall over western New England. If that happens, a LOT of rain would fall on Vermont and surrounding areas. Between the snow melt and the heavy rain, there's potential for flooding.

And if we get as much rain as some forecasts indicate, the risk is the flooding could end up worse than just the nuisance water that covers fields and a few low lying roads.

It's still a little early to know for sure if we will get a lot of rain. But for those who live near rivers in Vermont, northern New York and the rest of northern New England, now's the time to think about what you can do to minimize property damage, or at least get out of the way if the high water comes.

That's just to be on the safe side.

After the front goes through, we'll get another taste of winter, with temperatures well below normal during the second half of next week, with chances of snow.

Yep, the weather continues to be changeable. And a little dangerous at times.  you can do to prepare for flooding

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