Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vermont's Cool Streak Extended Through April

Technically, anyway, April in Burlington, Vermont was on the cool side.
Snow on the ground in St. Albans, Vermont on April 16.
The month that just ended was a little cooler than average. 

The mean temperature for the month was 44.6 degrees or 0.2 degrees cooler than normal.

Essentially, that's normal, but if you want to get strict about it, April was the sixth consecutive cooler than average month in Burlington. We've been in kind of a temperature rut. You have to go back to October to find a warmer than average month

At least April was nothing like March, which for Vermont as a whole was the coldest on record. We actually pulled off some spring like days in April, which is a good thing.

April showers were abudant this year. The month's rainfall came to 3.66 inches, which was 0.84 inches wetter than average.

That's not extreme, though. The record wet April, in 2011, had Burlington drowning in 7.88 inches of precipitation.

There's no telling if May will break the cool streak. Today will be on the warm side, but the next few days after that look to be on the chilly, damp side.

But at least it won't go below zero again until November at the earliest

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