Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Videos Of The Extreme Storms Last Weekend

Tornado damage in Canton, Texas last weekend.
As you might have noticed from reading this here blog thingy, the weather has been pretty extreme across much of the United States over the past week to ten days.

There's been destructive tornadoes, even more destructive flooding, even a blizzard out on the High Plains.

As always when you get big time weather, there's lots of videos floating around of all the wild weather we've gotten.

I'll share a couple of them.

In the first one, I'll give you a bit of a trigger warning first. It's a terrifying video.

The video was taken by a couple whose Texas farmstand is being ravaged by a tornado. At first we see the barn disintegrating, but the screen goes dark as the house they're in blows apart. You can hear the calling to each other.

Miraculously, they survived, although the house was apparently reduced to a concrete slab. Here's one thing that got me worked up and almost as upset as I was for the couple.. Before the screen goes dark, you see some pet ducks cowering in the corner.

I'm sure they died, and that bothered me a lot though there was nothng the couple could do to save them. They're lucky they saved themselves and each other:

Here's some tornado footage and drama from the tornado aftermath from my favorite tornado chaser,  Pecos Hank. Toward the end we hear him as he is rushing an injured woman he found to the hospital in  his car

In Missouri, up to 10 inches of rain falling on saturated soil caused record flooding last weekend. Now, it's raining hard in Missouri again, and renewed, dangerous flooding is happening today. Flood and flash flood warnings are in effect.

Here's an aerial view taken a couple days ago.

In Kansas, it was extreme snow, where a blizzard ravaged the western part of the state. The worst part of this blizzard is that the wheat crop out there was going great, but the blizzard destroyed most of it.

Here's some video of the blizzard. As you can see the trees had already leafed out.

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