Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another Windy, Raw Storm Hitting Vermont Today

Damage in Rutland, Vermont from a May 5 windstorm.
Another gusty storm is hitting Rutland and other areas of
Vermont today, but it likely won't be nearly as bad as this one .
Parts of Vermont, especially the western slopes of the Green Mountains are under a wind advisory today as an unusually strong storm gives us another bout of gusty, wet weather.

This storm reminds me of the one on May 5, which caused damaging downslope winds along the western slopes of the Green Mountains, especially around Rutland.

It doesn't look like this storm will be as bad or as destructive as the one on May 5, but I expect some trees and power lines to come down today.

I'm sure Green Mountain Power is just thrilled by that bit of news, given the damage they suffered on the May 5 storm and the additional widespread problems with severe thunderstorms a week ago.

As of late morning, gusts were already up to 37 mph in Rutland and 33 mph in Bennington. Winds today could gust as high as 55 mph in the southern and central Green Mountains and 50 mph in the northern Green Mountains.

It's going to rather chilly and wet today and tomorrow in the North Country, too. Some places today and tomorrow won't get past 60 degrees, at a time of year when normal high temperatures are in the low 70s.

At least the storm's effects on Vermont won't be as bad as they were in some other parts of the country. The storm helped create damaging tornadoes that touched down in the Southeast and near Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday.

Nothing like that is coming to us anytime soon.

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