Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dreary Chilly May To Continue Through Weekend, But Signs Of Hope?

Spring snow in my St. Albans, Vermont  yard earlier this
week. More dreary rain is on the way, but at least it's
not going to snow again. And a warmup next week?
Today, for once, the weather here in Vermont and the Northeast will be in the "not bad" category, which is an improvement over what things have been like most of this month so far.

There will be some sun, and temperatures will only be a little cooler than normal.

However, the apparent end to the dreariness of this month is an illusion. We've got another round of it to go this weekend.


Clouds will begin to increase Friday afternoon and rain will increase Saturday as a spring nor'easter gathers along the New England coast.

When someone says "nor'easter," people fear the dirty "S" word -- Snow.

Don't worry. It's going to be too warm for snow. But we are going to get a soaking, chilly rain through the weekend and into Monday.

Sunday - Mother's Day - looks to be the worst, so don't take your mom on an outdoor picnic unless you really hate her.

The good news is all this rain has totally erased the drought from last year in New England. And more rain is coming on top of that.

The other good news is there are now signs of a pattern change brewing. By the middle and end of next week, it's looking sunnier and much, much warmer, with temperatures likely popping up above normal. That means 70s by the end of the week.

That'll get those lilacs popping.

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