Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Super Typhoon Meranti Threatens Taiwan, China

Massive Typhoon Meranti in the eastern
Pacific ocean yesterday.  
Here in the United States, the tropical storm and hurricane is quieter than it usually is this time of year.

Tropical Storm Ian is way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and is no threat to anybody.

There's a little tropical disturbance near Florida, but that won't amount to anything. Something else is coming off the west coast of Africa, but that won't be a threat to anybody in particular for several days at least, if ever.

Out in the eastern Pacific, it's a different story. There's a massive typhoon named Meranti approaching southern Taiwan. This one's a monster and would mow down anything it hits. It's got sustained winds of 185 mph, the strongest tropical system in the world so far this year.

Everybody's hoping the center of Meranti misses the southern tip of Taiwan. It's going to be close.

The further offshore it stays from southern Taiwan, the better, but even then, horrible winds and flooding rains will trash that neck of the world. If the center of Meranti comes ashore in Taiwan they have a HUGE disaster on their hands.

Meranti will then head towards China. By then, its ferocious winds will have died down some, but it would unless torrential rains that would cause epic flooding in parts of China.

This isn't a good one, folks.

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