Monday, September 5, 2016

Pot Tornado Strikes Oregon! (Really A Marijuana Devil)

A "pot devil" crashes through a marijuana
farm in Oregon recently.
You've heard of tornadoes. Firenadoes.. Even Sharknados.

But a security camera in Oregon captured a Potnado.

It wasn't a tornado, but it WAS an unusually strong dust devil blasting through a marijuana farm in southern Oregon that ripped at least one pot plant from the ground and tossed it 15 feet into the air, says Oregon Live.

The potnado was at Siskiyou Sungrow, a legally sanctioned regulated marijuana production farm in Oregon.

It was really a dust devil, something I've written about before.

They form on sunny, warm days with light winds. The sun heats the ground, air rises, and a slight breeze tilts the updraft sideways. That sideways updraft will sometimes concentrate itself into a whirlwind, which is the dust devil.

Dust devils resemble tornadoes, but are never nearly as destructive as twisters. Still, dust devils can cause minor damage.

Here's the video:

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