Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quick Hermine Update: Bad But Not End Of World

As of Sunday morning, it looks like Hermine, that monster storm about to stall off the Mid-Atlantic coast, is a little more to the east than many forecasts indicated.

That means it will still be bad along the East Coast, with storm surge flooding, gusty winds, dangerous surf and LOTS of beach erosion.

But it likely won't be a full-on Superstorm Sandy like disaster. Just bad, damaging weather.

Still, stay out of the ocean water on the East Coast today, and stay out of low lying areas through Tuesday along the Northeast Coast, especially in the Mid-Atlantic. Storm surge flooding is still a good bet in many areas.

Even though its a little further east, Hermine looks like it will still become hurricane force for a time by tomorrow. It's moving over the super warm Gulf Stream, which should fuel thunderstorms that will power up Hermine.

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