Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Looks Like My Namesake Tropical Storm Is Going To Form Soon

An area of disturbed weather east of the Lesser Antilles and
northeast of South America is getting organized,
and will probably become Tropical Storm Matthew soon.  
It looks very, very likely Tropical Storm Matthew will form way out over the Atlantic Ocean soon.

Great. They're naming wannabe hurricanes after me now.

The potential is there for this thing to actually become a dangerous hurricane, but there is so much uncertainty with this thing I'd hate to hazard a guess.

Wannabe Matthew is heading toward the Lesser Antilles and will produce squally weather there tonight and Wednesday.

From there, it will head toward the Caribbean Sea, where water temperatures are wicked hot to a pretty far depth. That's bait for storms like this to strengthen rapidly, so it could quickly become a hurricane in the coming days.

That is, if things like interaction with land or unfavorably strong winds don't mess with it. We'll have to wait and see.

With the potential for Wannabe Matthew to become a hurricane, it's something to watch.  Cuba and Hispaniola are two places that should really watch this thing.

It could become a threat anywhere from southern Mexico to the southeastern U.S. coast next week, or it could turn sharply northeast and avoid the United States altogether. As you can see, nobody knows what Wannabe Matthew has up its sleeve.  

Wannabe Matthew is just like me: It doesn't know how big a punch it wants to land, and it doesn't really know where it's headed.

Stay tuned.

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