Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Frost In Vermont, Rest Of New England Tonight

Looks like there might be a little frost on the ground
in this webcam image taken at dawn Sunday
in the Nashville section of Jericho, Vermont.
As expected, a fair number of valleys in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine had frost this morning.

It got as low as 26 in Saranac Lake, New York this morning and several 30 to 32 degree readings popped up in northern and central Vermont.  

If you got frost this morning, you'll get it again tonight. And if you came close to getting a frost this morning, it'll be a little chilllier than last night by Monday morning.

So some of you who escaped a frost in your garden this Sunday morning might not be so lucky by dawn Monday.

So, uncover those plants you hid with sheets last night, so they can recover in today's sun. But cover those same plants up this evening, even if you didn't get a frost Sunday morning.

Just like this morning, if you live right near Lake Champlain, you'll probably be safe. If not, it's risky.

The good news is if your late plants survive this weekend of seasonably chilly autumn weather, it looks like there will be no frost after Monday through at least through next weekend

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