Friday, September 30, 2016

Matthew Is Now Most Dangerous Atlantic Hurricane Of 2016

The beast Hurricane Matthew over the Caribbean early Friday
Hurricane Matthew strengthened a lot yesterday and overnight and is now packing 100 mph winds in the Caribbean Sea.

It is also now a big threat to Jamaica and/or Cuba.

Matthew managed to strengthen a lot despite fairly strong upper level winds that usually weaken such storms. It's moving over very warm water,  and the upper level winds are forecast to eventually weaken, so this hurricane might just become a huge powerhouse.

It's stlll heading toward the west, but forecasters are still predicting a sharp northward turn, starting Saturday. That would bring the powerful storm near Jamaica and Cuba, which would be a terrible disaster for them.

There's still some questions as to when exactly Matthew will turn north, and that will determine where in these to countries get the worst hit.

Hurricanes always weaken over land, and Matthew will end up in the Bahamas as a not as strong version of itself early next week.

It could restrengthen over waters east of Florida, though.

Many forecasting computer models take Matthew northeastward, off the East Coast, which would make it not so terrible for the United States.

However, some of the computer models have Matthew hitting the eastern Carolinas or New England, so it's still something to be watched, for sure.

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