Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday P.M Vermont/New England/New York Storm Update

Areas in green, yellow red and pink are at risk for flooding
the rest of today. Green has the lowest chance of flooding
pink the highest. 
If any dangerous storms or flooding develop in Vermont, New York or the rest of New England, we've reached the beginning of the most likely period of this as of 3:30 p.m.

The weather front separating relatively cool but very humid air to the north vs. hot and humid air to the south has barely moved north, but is now just south of Burlington to around St. Johnsbury.

It'll probably inch forward a little more to the north over the next few hours.

Nevertheless, thunderstorms are erupting like crazy south of the front, so expect rapidly changing conditions the rest of the day.

In other words, some steamy sun, then a torrential downpour, then steamy sun in these areas. The storms, especially the ones moving from the Lake George, New York region into southern Vermont, are producing torrential rains, so local flash floods are a possibility

There's already a flood advisory for areas in and near Lake George because of dumping thunderstorms that have been passing through that area.

I haven't seen this yet today, but some areas might get repeated torrential thunderstorms, so those local areas stand the best chance of getting a flash flood.

Some storms might produce locally damaging wind gusts, too. And these southern Vermont storms will often have LOTS of lightning.

The more north you go, the more likely it will stay overcast the rest of the day. However, even though the chance of thunderstorms is less up north, there's still a good chance of some torrential rains later today and tonight as a small storm ripples east-northeastward along the front.

If the front stays stalled and storms keep riding west to east along it, that too, could set the stage for local flash floods in northern New York, Vermont and/or New Hampshire.

Not everyone will see a flash flood, of course. It will be spotty. But be careful driving out there, because you could hit waves of blinding rains from time to time.

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