Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Week, More Scary Floods In The World

Aftermath of this weekend's deadly flood
in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.  
Last week it was Ellicott City, Maryland that was devastated by a flash flood.

Since then in the northern hemisphere, there have been more such huge inundations in various areas.

Climatologists tell us extreme precipitation events are becoming more common in a warming world.

Judging unscientifically from the past couple week's news, those climatologists sure are right.

The latest victim of a terrible flash flood is Skopje, Macedonia.  

The BBC reports 15 dead there as walls of water swept through the city in an unprecedented storm.

As in Ellicott City, Maryland last Saturday, cars with people in them were swept away, but it appears Skopje was even worse than the Maryland flood.

Dozens of cars were swept off a ring road around Skopje and deposited in fields, the BBC says.  

Besides the 15 dead, at least six others are still missing.

There's more trouble coming elsewhere in the world. It's going to rain incredibly hard in Florida, especially the northwestern part of the state, and elsewhere near the Gulf Coast this week.

Some areas down there can expect up to 20 inches of rain (!!). There's sure to be more news about damaging floods from that part of the nation this week.

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