Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pilot Takes Awesome Photo Of Haboob In Phoenix

Aerial view of thunderstorm and haboob
approaching Phoenix Sunday.  
Ryan Vermillion was piloting a Southwest Airlines flight Sunday that departed the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

His was the last flight that departed before the airport closed for a time, due to a haboob, says the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang. 

A haboob is a big wall of dust that often accompanies a gust front from a thunderstorm in desert locations during monsoon season, which is now.

The dust is blinding and dangerous, so they always close the airport when one hits.

Once Vermillion got the plane up to 11,000, he steered east, back toward Phoenix and on to his destination.

He got a great view of the haboob and the thunderstorm causing it, and the photo is in this post. Click on it to make it bigger and easier to see.

Sometimes haboobs can cause pileups on local freeways since visibility drops to such low levels, but in this instance, there were no reports of serious problems in and around Phoenix.

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