Saturday, August 20, 2016

Louisiana Post-Script. Storm Was Massive, Seven States Had 10 Inches Or More Of Rain

As we all well know, Louisiana took the brunt of that terrible flood last week with some areas getting two and a half feet of rain.

The widespread rains last week. Areas in deep red
had five or more inches of rain. Yellow areas had two inches
or more. Pink areas exceeded 10 inches. 
The intense moisture from that storm spread far and wide, though. Locations in seven states had 10 or more inches of rain, notes Jesse Farrell at AccuWeather

Flooding extended from Louisiana all the way to northern New England, though the flooding up there was definitely minor,  unlike the South.

Here's a list of top rainfall amounts in selected states from that storm last week, as noted from Farrell's blog post:  

Watson, LA: 31.39"
Gloster, MS, 22.84"
Ellsinore, MO: 17.50"
Panama City Beach, FL; 14.43"
Walnut Ridge, AR: 10.85"
South Bend, IN: 10.67"
Bonnie, IL: 10.10"
Gloster, AL; 9.94"
Lima OH: 8.38"

For that amount of rain to fall in such a huge area is truly remarkable.

The moisture from the storm made it all the way to Vermont, where I live.

Although nothing remotely like other places, we actually experienced a bit of flooding when nearly three inches of rain dumped onto parts of central Vermont in just a few hours.

Roads and culverts in Duxbury, Moretown and Fayston, Vermont were washed out during the deluge, which hit during an otherwise quite dry summer. 

By the way, the toll from the flooding in Louisiana keeps getting worse. The Advocate of Baton Rouge now reports that 110,000 or so homes were damaged or destroyed in the flooding, causing a huge $20 billion in damage.

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