Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dramatic Flood Rescue Caught On Tape

The man on the right has just pulled the woman on the
left from a submerged Louisiana car, in a still
from the dramatic video in this post. Her dog was
also saved.  
The epic flooding in Louisiana over the past few days has claimed three lives, though 1,000 or so people were rescued.

One of the most dramatic rescues was caught on video: Rescuers on a boat came to a nearly submerged car. You can hear a woman inside yelling, "I'm drowning! I'm drowning."

The rescuers frantically try to break car windows and rip the convertible top off the car as it sinks.

Finally, the car completely submerges, but at the last second one of the rescuers pulls the woman - alive -- out of the car via the convertible top, which the men have ripped apart with a knife.

Bonus: They initially tell the woman her dog had been swept away, but then you see a rescuer has actually grabbed the dog and it survives, too.

You have to see this dramatic video:

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