Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What It's Like To Be In The Worst Weather In The World, 100 MPH Plus Winds

A scientist at the Mount Washington Observatory in
New Hampshire goes airborne amid
109 mph gusts on Monday.  
A lot of us in northern New England were grumbling about the weather Monday, what with the May snows in many areas that brought a dusting to three inches to many mid and high elevations of northern Vermont, and close to eight inches in northern Maine.

Stop complaining.

The weather was nowhere near as bad where you were than atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire, but that's pretty much always the case.

Winds at the summit of Mount Washington often blow in excess of 100 mph, and once gusted to 231 mph, which was for decades a world record.

The Mount Washington Observatory at the mountain peak is constructed with three food thick concrete and three layers of bullet proof glass on windows to protect its occupants from the weather.

Of course, the occupants sometimes have to go outside, even in wild conditions, usually to de-ice weather equipment

Monday, it snowed on Mount Washington, of course, and the wind howled above 100 mph.

The Observatory released this now viral video of the guy going out to do the weather obs. Seemed a bit breezy to me!

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