Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tornadoes Menace Plains Again

Jane O'Neill took this photo of a tornado Saturday
in Wray, Colorado.  
Tornado chasers seemingly by the dozens converged on Wray, Colorado Saturday as a photogenic twister touched down there.

I might be exaggerating on the numbers, but judging from the number of videos of the tornado on YouTube, there were quite a few people there.

Television station 9News in Denver reported at least five people injured and several structures damaged in Wray.

Videos taken of the tornado show debris from buildings and farm equipment blowing across highways.

Today, the tornado risk shifts to the traditional tornado alley area of the Great Plains, particularly western and central parts of Kansas and Oklahoma.

More severe weather is likely Monday in and near the Ozarks and mid-Mississippi valley. 

Here's some videos of the Wray tornado:

AccuWeather aired storm chaser Reed Timmer and his team's video of the Wray tornado. He kept driving into the outer circulation of the intensifying tornado, something I sure as hell don't recommend.

Timmer's been chasing tornadoes for years, so he knows what he's doing (I hope!) but amateurs please don't do what you see in this video:

Another video producer, Forever Chasing, stayed a bit more of a distance away, and thus captured the colors and the structure of the tornado and its parent supercell thunderstorm:

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