Monday, May 16, 2016

Vermont Snow: Coulda Been Worse, Going To Get Better

Wintry enough at the Bolton Valley Ski Area in
Vermont this morning, for sure. 
As expected, there was some late season May snow in Vermont and much of the rest of northern New England and northern New York overnight.

But it wasn't quite as bad as some of us feared, and we continue to note that things will get better this week. However, mid and high elevations in Vermont got their share of late snows last night.

The National Weather Service office in South Burlington reported 3.8 inches of snow in Hyde Park, 2 inches in Johnson and Pomfret, and numerous reports of around an inch.

A photo shared on Twitter from Westfield, Vermont showed what looked like a good inch of snow on the ground.

A webcam from the Bolton Valley Ski Area, and many other areas of northern Vermont also showed snow on the ground. For instance, a dusting of snow was also visible on the trees and ground on a traffic web cam along Interstate 89 in Berlin, although the highway itself was just wet.

It snowed in northern New Hampshire and Maine, two. As of 7:30 a.m. this morning, it was snowing hard in Caribou, Maine.
Via Twitter, by Carol Ingalls Towle, snow on
the ground this morning in Waterville, Vermont 

The most depressing early morning report came from the reliably extreme Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire.

At the summit of the 6,000+ foot mountain at 5 a.m., it was 10 degrees and snowing, with winds gusting to 89 mph for a wind chill of 19 below.

Although some snow will continue at high elevations today, things will get better. The air is drying out, so the mountain snow and valley rain showers will likely get less and less widespread as today wears on.

It will still be awful for May, with high temperatures reaching only the 40s in many locations amid chilly northwest winds gusting to 30 mph.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be on the cool side for May, but still, much better. There will be some sun, with afternoon readings in the 50s, maybe touching 60 in a few spots.

We could hit 70 again by the end of the week. 70 is close to normal for this time of year, so it's not a big deal. But it will sure feel great.

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